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Every year, Christmas becomes more and more commercial. For many families the financial cost can be stressful and last longer than the act of gift giving.

Many years ago our family decided that once you started work, the rule was small gifts only. This got extended to sub-$10 presents, which is much harder than you’d think.

Everyone wants to give something that is appropriate to the recipient, so the sub-$10 challenge meant more thought was required. Last year we decided to make it a Secret Santa.

Going back to the origins of gifting, I decided to make my gift. I’ve made a few signs for special birthdays, so why not make some small Christmas decorations that could be hung on a tree, or wherever?

When you use tabs you need to ensure that there is sufficient stock between the pieces to provide the support required


I searched the internet to find some examples that could be cut out on my CNC router (Going Shopping, , Issue No. 80, September/October 2018) and while there were many designs, some didn’t suit the rounded internal corner that a 3mm bit produces.

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