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Be creative

One way to ensure you’re not wasting time on a device is to make something. If you’ve always had a novel in your head, or ambitions to be an artist, the digital realm now offers more help than ever. Instead of defaulting to social networks, spend downtime writing a novella, learning to paint or working on that nu-ragtime chart-topper.

Get educated

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Seeing a foldable phone in the wild remains about as commonplace as being shouted at by a duck, but that isn’t putting off companies making them. If anything, it appears to be making them even more enthusiastic about the concept. Enter Huawei’s Mate
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There is absolutely no way to avoid the fact that most of the stuff in Stuff is made from, well, stuff. And some of that stuff is in some way detrimental to the planet. What can we say? Humans are bad. Steps can be taken now. We must stop throwing ev
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£419 / Just light enough to avoid having to be registered with the CAA, DJI’s latest pocket drone is a little beast that grabs stellar aerial video. It’s also categorically the most intuitive drone Stuff has ever used, with a contro