Summer calls for a less-is-more approach to beauty – think barely-there makeup, fresh and fruity fragrances and a natural, sun-kissed complexion that radiates. Combine a sunsafe skincare routine with a bit of pampering for the perfect beachy glow, and add a low-maintenance makeup regime to the mix for more time on the beach and less in front of the mirror.

Here are our favourite 15 products for an easy, breezy summertime look that won’t break the bank.



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KEEN ON Quinoa
PREP + COOK TIME 25 MINUTES SERVES 4 • 1 cup quinoa, rinsed, drained• 3 cups water• ½ cup soy milk• 2 tablespoons brown sugar• 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon• 2 large figs, cut into wedges (see tips)• 150g raspberries• honey, to serve 1 Place quinoa a
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Whenever I fry fish, I can never get the skin to go crispy. Is there a trick to doing this? There’s nothing like crispy skin, be it chicken, pork or fish! To crisp the skin on fish, scrape the back of a knife backwards and forwards over the skin to r
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Thai In
With culinary influences such as Portuguese, Dutch, French, Chinese and Japanese, Thai cuisine is famously fragrant. Lemongrass, coriander, makrut lime leaves, mint, lime, ginger and galangal (Thai ginger) all add a lightness and delicacy that makes