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PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS We’ve got over 1GB of videos showcasing the latest plug-ins and hardware including a range of cutting-edge synths and software instruments from Arturia, Novation, IK Multimedia, Korg, Nord, Orchestral Tools, Spitfire Audio, UVI and Wave Alchemy. You’ll also find hi-end processing and effects from Eventide, Plugin Boutique, Heavyocity, MeldaProduction, Plugin Alliance

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Music Tech Focus4 min citite
1O TIPS On Optimising Computers For Music
Some of these tips may not be obvious, but some are glaringly so, and we’ll start with a biggie from the latter camp. It’s no good running your power-hungry DAW project, loaded with every instrument and effect plug-in going, if you have a load of oth
Music Tech Focus6 min citite
Deeper Sync With External Tech In Ableton Live
TECHNIQUE DEEPER SYNCING WITH LIVE DEEPER SYNCING WITH LIVE TECHNIQUE Last time, we covered using Ableton Link to synchronise software on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, over a wifI network. It also works cabled over ethernet, and even with wifi-en
Music Tech Focus6 min citite
Exploring Connectivity: Part 1 In Ableton Live
Unless you really want to be a musical hermit, you’ll eventually need to add other gear to your setup. We’ve seen this first-hand and know how daunting it can be initially, but we’ve also seen how quickly people get over the hump, adding more compone