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our mic isn’t good enough. It just isn’t. Sorry, chum, but that cool little condenser you’ve got knocking about? That cute mic locker setup? Not gonna cut it. What you really should do, if you want to be the ultimate uber-producer, is remortgage your house (or sell a kidney) and buy one of these six monsters. Sure, it’ll set you back thousands of pounds, but can you put a price on quality? Just do it! After all, these mics may be worth

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Do I Really Need This?
For anybody working with music hardware, be it synths or samplers or drum machines, a final-stage processing device equivalent to what you’d put on a master channel in software can be a great idea, especially for live use. You get compression and ano
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Do I Really Need This?
If you already have a drum machine and a synth, adding the Squid will transform your workflow, adding an immediate yet alternative way of generating usable ideas and actually forming them into arrangements and tracks. For somebody already software fo
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Exploring Connectivity: Part 2 In Ableton Live
We’re following on from the first part of this bumper-sized tutorial, where we talked about what we might connect and how to do it. Here we’ll talk about how to use what you’ve connected! Setting up a microphone at home is a real adventure unless you