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We’ve been using Logic for years but there are still plenty of features to explore as it’s an incredibly deep and well-developed DAW. With each update, Apple has refined it and added new features meaning there’s always something

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Tutorial Sampling Techniques For A Manageable Set
01 There are so many variables with these techniques, we can’t cover everything, but this’ll give you some ideas, especially if your performance machine is different from your studio one. If you’re using Live, it’s easy to get a performance-ready ins
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Akai Pro Force Overview
1 One of Force’s three main control areas, the display can reflect what’s happening with the pads, or show something entirely different, like the mixer, MIDI note sequencer, sampled waveforms, or instrument and effect plug-in parameters. Great for mu
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Exporting In Ableton Live
Unless you’re going to keep your precious musical creations trapped in a little bubble, sooner or later, you’ll need to create a finished mix so you can get them out into the real world. There are two methods – to play through the arrangement in real