The best-selling author of Before I Let You Go has just released her new novel, Truths I Never Told You, about a woman who unravels a family mystery. Rimmer, 39, tells WHO about the book that …

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Still Searching
In the years since their daughter’s disappearance, the McCanns have made regular trips back to Praia da Luz. “I go back and walk the streets,” says Kate. “I try to look for answers. It helps me, most of the time.” ■
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Five minutes with … TANYA HENNESSY
She’s a digital content creator, reality star and has published two successful self-help books, but now comedy queen Tanya Hennessy is adding children’s author to her bio. In Drum Roll Please, It’s Stevie Louise, she tells the story of a young girl w
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Alan Cumming ‘Life Is Too Short To PLAY IT SAFE’
From his humble beginnings in rural Scotland to becoming one of the most respected faces in the industry, Alan Cumming has managed to straddle both the big and small screens, with blockbusters including the likes of X-Men 2 and Romy and Michele's Hig