Here’s to the thinkers and the makers, to the solution-finders and the beautifiers. Here’s to the style-makers and those who appreciate beauty in its many guises. To a space in their locales. Here’s to the people who have invited us into their homes, to those who have shared their stories and gifted us their time. To those who rotate our artworks, clean our offices and deliver our mail.

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Urbis4 min cititeAutomotive
Urbis Drive
BMW’s in-house tuner is in overdrive, applying full-on M magic to a host of new models. At the heart of the action is the X3 M Competition, the practical and nicely proportioned mid-sized SUV transformed into an authentic M-division flyer. It’s partn
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On The Shelves
Editor, author and strategist Cliff Kuang will be in New Zealand for the Auckland Writers Festival (see facing page). Here, he explores the books currently on his shelves. For a full reading list, visit urbismagazine.com John Jeremiah Sullivan, 2011
Urbis3 min citite
Hot House
Dan Brunn has taken the idea of home entertaining to the next level. While it’s common to see a project description include the various suppliers involved – a kitchen by X, bathrooms by Y and, perhaps, flooring by Z – the Tel Aviv native’s Los Angele