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The single most important element in your survival is a cultivation of your awareness skills. Many people don’t realize their awareness skills are more important than their marksmanship skills. Well, you can’t shoot something you don’t know is there or don’t know it needs to be shot.

Awareness and alertness are not, for most people, innate behavior traits. This is a learned behavior pattern and, like most skills, it is best learned through repetition. Make a conscious effort at first to be more aware and see the details around you. After a few weeks of effort, it will become second nature.

You should have been taught this as a child, but unfortunately, most children now are not taught this or other vital social skills. One thousand years ago, all children were taught at a very early age to be aware, alert and in tune with their surroundings. If they were inattentive, they might get eaten. One hundred years ago, children were taught to be aware and pay attention to

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Itching To Upgrade
I look at my rifles like a 350 Chevy—tons of aft ermarket parts and the ability to modify it to my heart’s content. I have no problem replacing, modifying and adjusting the weapon system to meet my personal needs. After all, everyone is different; ou
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It’s Always About The Trigger
Instructors have been preaching it for years, and in my 2013 book, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, I called it “the secret.” The single, most important skill you must master with a handgun is the ability to operate the trigger—make the hand