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People who are obese during their 20s and 30s could risk losing years off their life expectancy. Research conducted at The George Institute for Global Health and The University of Sydney – published in International Journal of Obesity – concluded women who are classified as overweight are predicted to lose up to six years of life and men up to eight years. Women classified as severely obese are expected to lose up to eight years and men up to 10 years.

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Done-right DINNERS
PREP 15 MINS COOK 20 MINS SERVES 2 (WITH LEFTOVERS FOR 2; AS A MAIN) MEATBALLS 500g lean pork mince100g coarsely grated zucchini, squeezed of excess liquid1 brown onion, grated4 Tbsp chopped dill2 cloves garlic, finely gratedFreshly ground black pepp
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Feel Better In 5
There has been an alarming rise in anxiety and depression, both in Australia and around the world, since the beginning of COVID. This has experts concerned. However, groundbreaking research from the University of South Australia confirms the act of s
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Your Toolkit
Your blood glucose checks: Checking your blood glucose levels can show you how your body responds to food, physical activity, stress, and more. It can help you see if you are on target or if you need to make any changes, and it can help you adjust yo