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Pig hunting surmounts shooting pigs

The years pass too fast and the clock can’t be stopped. However, age can deliver experience that teaches essential lessons about hunting. For me, it also allowed the acquisition of valuable qualities such as patience and divergent thinking. These qualities came in handy while caretaking a property in western Queensland for a month with two mates.

The word ‘drought’ is often shunned by landowners because of its negative connotations. During the time we were there, the word was being used openly in the media. In the absence of follow-up rain, any benefit from the flooding rains of the previous spring had been lost under the intense summer heat. While the land was in drought, the channels and river had pools of water spread across the property. These were the leftovers from the spring rains and another fall only the week before.

In fact, just after we arrived, a storm 200km to the north produced a surge of water flowing down the river and its various branches. It was heralded by a rolling, subtle roar reminiscent of the wings of a flock of galahs sweeping across the land. Instead of galahs, it was stormwater raging through

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