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Remaking History

Melissa Black Reddick sits cross-legged on the floor of a sunlit room among a small village of cardboard boxes. Her slight form is partially obscured, giving the impression of a young girl completely absorbed. The fingers of her left hand curl around the edges of a whisper-thin piece of stationery, while her

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Garden & Gun1 min cititeBiology
North Carolina
“A Venus flytrap’s first true leaves are traps, and they come out snapping,” says Johnny Randall, the director of conservation at the North Carolina Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill. The teeny opportunistic, photosynthesizing predator is just one of t
Garden & Gun3 min citite
Fine and Dandy
Is the Southern dandy extinct, or are some still left on the hoof ? As fashion fauna goes, the South’s peacock is not endangered. Back when dressy spring garden parties for two hundred were possible, one Alabama hostess calculated that more than twe
Garden & Gun1 min cititeRegional & Ethnic
After Hurricane Katrina, the colossal former New Orleans World Trade Center on Canal Street sat idle on the Mississippi riverfront. But on May 15, not only will it reopen as the Four Seasons Hotel New Orleans, but also the James Beard Award–winning c