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Editor: Cai Waggett

Editor-in-Chief: Alex Hapgood

Art Director: Katharina Godbersen

Technical Editor: Richard Boughton

Bobo Gallagher, Caio Ibelli, Charles Bertrand, Charley

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Axis S-series 860
AXIS have added some larger surf performance wings to their range, building on the popular tow and big wave foiling platform of their 660 wing. As we’ve covered before, the AXIS system is extremely comprehensive across disciplines and modular so ther
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Urban Foiling
LOCATION ALMKANAL, SALZ BURG DATE THURSDAY JULY 30TH, 2020 Being landlocked, the idea of foiling inland is perhaps a bit different than living by the sea. We have little constant winds and no waves at all. So before foiling came to Europe, the situat
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Maui Pool Party
LOCATION MAUI DATE SATURDAY AUGUST 29TH, 2020 Ataco party at a multi-million-dollar, nothing-short-of-dreamlike oceanside compound with a pool large enough to foil in? Uh, yeah, count us in… But before you make any grandiose assumptions about the typ