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6 Steps To Getting A Yes!

Did you know that two-thirds of all sales executives don’t follow a sales process? Follow this process, and the client is more likely to say yes to your ideas! We spend so much time and energy prospecting for the right client, and then we invest more time searching for a valid business reason for us to connect.

Prospecting is

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The Hunt For Radio Broadcasting History
Housed in the Hornbake Library on the University of Maryland College Park campus is a treasure trove of history on radio broadcasting in the United States. The Library of American Broadcasting was founded in 1972 as the Broadcast Pioneers Library and
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How To Motivate Your Team To Success Through COVID
This has likely been the most challenging period for this generation of managers. There’s no need to recount the pain, obstacles, fear, and unnerving demands we have all encountered. And if you did not know it before, you know it now: Job One is mana
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Cooking With Mildred
Mildred Bailey chats with homemakers in her very Modern Kitchen (with the latest in countertop microphones) on WTAG/Worcester, Massachusetts, circa 1941. Along with Modern Kitchen, Bailey hosted WTAG’s Afternoon Journal program. Photo is courtesy of