Data privacy has been propelled into the public consciousness thanks to a handful of investigative reporters, whistle blowers and a gripping new Netflix documentary, The Great Hack. The famous data breach of 50 million Facebook users profiles by Cambridge Analytica has proved to be a catalyst for change, snowballing a wider global conversation on data privacy and democracy. It’s led to compelling stories and newfound heroes, such as David Carroll, an American professor who plays a starring role in The Great Hack and has gone to remarkable lengths to retrieve his own data off these big tech giants. But what’s happening to our data in Aotearoa? Findlay Buchanan dives into the data issue, chats to a New Zealand company fighting for a solution, and examines our own laws in the face of international cyber warfare.

The first thing is education and helping people understand their data. SAM YOON
Founder of Own My Data

The phrase “data is the new oil” is popular with media when referring to the value data holds to companies, come 2019. While flawed – data is not the next oil, but in fact has completely different properties, run with entirely different operations – the comparison does have some clout to it. Both oil and data hold significant power over our global economies, and both are huge contributors to some of the great challenges of our time: inequality, privacy and environmental apocalypse.

Increasingly, the wealthiest group of companies in the world – Facebook,

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