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Perpetual Projects is run by myself and my wife, Amanda, and we come from different industries. My background is in mechatronic engineering (mechanical, electrical and software) project management, Amanda’s is financial planning. As many young families do, we bought into a development and, being very analytical, we bought well and achieved the right outcome. However, when we started on the design and construction side of things we started getting wildly differing quotes from builders and

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Create Peace In Your Home
As your children grow, their interests and needs change and these changes can dramatically affect the level of noise within your home. This can be a real concern between different age groups. Imagine trying to settle your youngest into bed when there
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BuildHome Victoria
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Custom-built Homes
For future homeowners who know exactly what they want, there really is no substitute for a custom-built abode. Finding a reputable builder is the first, and perhaps most important, step on the journey towards creating your dream home — one designed w