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Alexa Towersey


ersonal Trainer and mental health advocate and speaker, Alexa Towersey has a list of qualifications as long as her (ripped) arm, including a Bachelor of Science (Double Major in Biology and Psychology) and Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Management and Kinesiology. She’s also qualified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, is

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Heat Things Up
Those brave enough to back up the sweaty February/March days with a hot yoga class or two, take note: in one of the first studies measuring hot yoga’s impact on blood pressure, the American Heart Association found that just three months’ worth of cla
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You Asked:
Stability starts with your feet: Maintaining the weight of the squat across your entire foot will help make you more stable. If at any time you feel as though the weight is forward and in your toes, it’s a sign you’re not stable and could be overload
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Nice Recovery!
There are a growing number of techniques and products for reducing the severity and duration of DOMS, but their effectiveness isn’t guaranteed. “There’s as much supported scientific evidence to say these methods work, as there is evidence to say they