Southwest Art

Leslie Dyas

can’t remember a time when she wasn’t “cooking up ideas” about things she wanted to express through art. “I recently found my first sketchbook, and there was a lot going on in that little head,” she chuckles. In

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Jenny Buckner
AS A FORMER photographer, artist Jenny Buckner has both a discerning eye and a sixth sense for scenes with strong design. At plein-air events, while other artists employ viewfinders to zero in on their compositions, Buckner uses her smartphone’s came
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Nathan Solano
COLORADO ARTIST Nathan Solano isn’t into labels. So when asked to define his style, he instead prefers to discuss what makes him tick as a painter: compelling design, color, balance, edges. Having worked for many years as an illustrator and an art di
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COLLECTING Pastel Paintings
IN THE FOLLOWING SECTION, WE PRESENT A SAMPLING OF PAINTINGS FEATURING CLASSIC SUBJECTS LIKE LANDSCAPES, seascapes, and skyscapes, as well as still lifes, portraiture, animal life, and more. Although the artworks on these pages vary in artistic style