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Airgun Shooter5 min citite
A Well-loved Webley
If you’re already an airgun collector, then you will doubtless have one, or more likely several, old Webley pistols. But if you’re not a collector, why would you want one? At this point, I should identify which models I’m classifying as ‘vintage’ her
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Red-hot Ratting
Although I am willing to embrace new technology if I think it is justified by the improvement it brings to my results in the field, I am not a fan of newfangled kit that’s complicated to use and ultimately makes for a less enjoyable shooting experien
Airgun Shooter5 min citite
R-77 Heaven
Back in the 1990s an iconic CO2-powered pellet-firing revolver arrived on the airgun scene from Spain — the Gamo R-77. Made from a combination of metal and plastic, this handgun has provided a good mix of accuracy and fun over the years, being a ligh