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Metro online is back in print! Welcome to another roundup of the best of what’s been going on at


We’ve started ramping up the number of has always been rigorous with our food reviews and these are no different in quality from the ones you’ll find in print, such as our recent review of newcomer Forest. Speaking of newcomers, we’re also keeping our finger on the pulse of all of Auckland’s new openings, including Fields, an exciting new addition for Albany on the North Shore.

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What’s On
This year the Arts Festival have introduced special under-30 tickets which are cheaper than the adult prices (by about 20-30%) for a portion of their shows. Thanks, AAF! Some of our highlights from those events: First Nations and Maori comedy Black T
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No Great Heights
68 INCREDIBLE VIEW, DELICIOUS COCKTAILS, DISAPPOINTING FOOD. They say the better the view, the worse the food. And The Sugar Club, the fine dining restaurant at the top of the Sky Tower, has one hell of a view. On my first visit, I spent half of m
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Sex In The Grey Zone
Lisa, a 30-year-old writer living in Auckland, recalls a difficult sexual experience that took place when she was 18. “I went home with somebody I met in a bar, and we had pretty average drunk sex,” she says. “Then I woke up in the morning, and he wa