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Extreme wealth and casual cruelty

Metro: How did you come to direct a film version of a 700-page economic text?

Justin Pemberton: I bought the book when it came out and noticed the surprise interest in it. When I read the book, it was a surprise to see that it really was an economic textbook, an academic text that crossed over and caught people’s imagination. And when I heard that New Zealand producer

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Lisa, a 30-year-old writer living in Auckland, recalls a difficult sexual experience that took place when she was 18. “I went home with somebody I met in a bar, and we had pretty average drunk sex,” she says. “Then I woke up in the morning, and he wa
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Bringing Art To The World
The art world loves to hate an art fair. From the VIP parties, to the admission prices, to the outright commercialisation of art — it is really the perfect balance of things to get under the skin of an arts worker on a moral high horse (and we love o
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The Floating Suburb
On a hot Friday afternoon, the queue for the boat to Waiheke stretches back to the Ferry Building. There is one line for tourists and another for locals. They are worlds apart. The backpack-toting tourists are happy, sun-kissed and laughing; the loca