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As the natural balance of our world moves towards an unsettling precipice, we’re becoming more ecoenlightened travellers. We’re far less willing to accept a holiday that tramples delicate environments and threatens wildlife. Instead, we want our touring to have a positive impact on the stunning natural landscapes we visit and the creatures that inhabit them, be they people or polar bears.

While our desire to observe wildlife will never wane, the way in which we do so is, happily, changing for the better. Particularly at the bucket-list-anointed polar regions, where the

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A Traveller’s Checklist
Air Canada operates daily direct flights from major Australian cities to Vancouver. FAIRMONT WATERFRONT HOTEL is located on Vancouver’s buzzy waterfront, a short walk from the city’s oldest (and hippest) neighbourhood, Gastown. The 528-
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Sixty-six-year-old Julia Common squats and pulls out a wooden frame smothered with hundreds of wriggling bees. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to a swarm and I instinctively step back. Puffing another dose of sage and lavender-scented smoke at the sq
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Piedmont Pleasures
Northwest Italy can be credited with espresso, vermouth, grissini and Arborio rice. The Piemontese also brought the Slow Food movement to the world, a grassroots organisation that values the good things in life such as a gelato post-passeggiata. Turn