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tOOLS of the TRADE

o matter what the industry, everyone relies upon specialised tools of the trade to complete their work. From dentists to mechanics, neurosurgeons to musicians, or carpenters to plumbers, everybody who is serious about quality outcomes needs their tools of choice. The beauty industry is no exception.

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Q&A with Lipstick Nick
WHAT DOES ‘BEAUTY’ MEAN FOR YOU? Beauty to me is something you can’t technically see; you just feel it from someone. Which is ironic because I work in the ‘beauty industry’, but to me the word means so much more than just cosmetics or outer appearanc
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Miranda Kerr
I want to encourage women to enhance their own uniqueness. Because just like a rose is beautiful, so is a sunflower, so is a peony I mean, all flowers are beautiful in their own way, and that’s like women, too. ■
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DIY Workouts
If now’s your opportunity to seize going completely off-grid, there are ways to work out from the comfort of your home without any high-tech equipment, just your body weight. According to experts, burpees are the king of at-home exercises. Start with