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The face and neck are some of the fastest and most obvious areas of the body to reveal the signs of ageing. It’s no wonder that the facial anti-ageing marketplace is very much alive and kicking with skin treatments, fillers and wrinkle treatments to fix a whole myriad of concerns.

There’s a limit, however, to what fillers, wrinkle injections and skin treatments can do. Not every non-surgical treatment out there is going to address every problem, and while many techniques will show improvement, they may not garner the same result – or longevity – as those achieved with surgery.

For example, when it comes to lifting a severely sagging and deflated face, hooded eyelids or fixing a hooked nose, most times surgery is still your best bet. Surgery these days is a far cry from yesteryear – as techniques continue to evolve, procedures have become more customisable, leading to very natural-looking results and more manageable downtime.

There’s a wide range of cosmetic surgery options to target specific areas of the face, such as sagging jowls or droopy eyelids. Today’s approach to cosmetic surgery involves tailoring a procedure or combination of procedures to your individual requirements and goals. In the right hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, you could look 10 or more years younger; still looking like “you”, just a younger, fresher version.



There’s no getting away from the fact that over time the effects of gravity,

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