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A week in Tasmania’s Natural Nirvana

A seven-day fly-drive holiday, leisurely motoring around the emerald and jade hills and valleys, crystal clear rivers and streams, and viridescent tall timbers of the Apple Isle, promises:

• short flights in and out;
• easy driving on well maintained highways – specifically attuned to, and clearly signposted for, tourism – to all major destinations;
• prices for almost everything that defy the usual traveller-gouging which seems to dampen many vacation experiences; and
• an unexpected appreciation of the extraordinary kaleidoscope of native ‘greens’ – from mint to myrtle, chartreuse to celadon to citron – spontaneously and continuously, hour after hour, sparking renewed appreciation of this unspoiled natural sanctuary.

There are regular flights, throughout each day of the week, into both Launceston in the north and Hobart in the south.

An ideal itinerary, for those with limited time, would involve a seven-day plan – with an early arrival on Day 1 (into either Launceston or Hobart) and the final day reserved for return flights to the mainland.

We recently enjoyed the following round trip, beginning in Launceston.

day 1


A good tip is to catch one of the early morning flights into Launceston (population 85,000) to allow a full day sightseeing. Rental car desks are conveniently adjacent to the baggage collection exit – book in advance and your car will be ‘ready to go’ in the car park immediately adjoining the compact airport terminal.

A relaxing mid-morning stop is colourful Launceston City Park (established 1820) featuring magnificent mature shrubs and

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