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Bakewell Tart

Through the centuries, England has been the birthplace of many tasty tarts, from the timeless treacle and Yorkshire curd to the lesser-known Manchester or maids of honour. Out of them all, the Bakewell tart has transcended to become one of England’s most beloved confections. In a 2015 survey conducted by Craft Bakers’ Week, Brits chose the Bakewell tart as the country’s best dessert over Eccles cake and Chelsea buns by more than a quarter of the votes. The four main pillars of a Bakewell tart are a crisp shortcrust pastry shell, a thin layer of sweet jam (traditionally raspberry) spread over the pastry, a twice-as-thick blanket of fluffy frangipane on top of the jam, and a smattering of sliced almonds for a flaky finish. The tart’s filling bakes up into a tender spongelike texture that verges on cake territory. Every bite

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