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A Fresh Start



he first exhibition by postwar US artist Al Held in Hong Kong features works spanning his entire

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The Gold Standard
It is an investment trend as old as the hills from which the shiny stuff is mined: in times of economic uncertainty, people turn to gold. As a store of value with limited practical use, gold is a natural hedge against risk, so it understandably prove
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A Hoppin’ Good Time
Few events could have kicked off springtime more elegantly than the Easter market hosted by Tatler and The Upper House on March 28. The all-day affair brought together the very best of food, fitness, fashion and fine jewellery with a dose of sunshine
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Boom and Bust
While prices of industrial metals like steel and iron tumbled as industry ground to a halt in 2020, precious metals—including silver and gold—rose 31.8 per cent, according to S&P Global. Learn more on p32. Though foot traffic in physical stores all