British Columbia History

Classroom Facebook Page a Post-modern Cabinet of Curiosity

A Facebook page created by students about the history of their public school is a ‘cabinet’ of post-modern times, chock-full of text, visuals and comments. This teaching project began last year when I asked my Vancouver students to put away textbooks with tales of Louis Riel and railway building to.

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We Value These Histories
The importance of community and local history is not lost on someone who rarely sees her history reflected in Canadian public discourse or correctly reflected in the Canadian record. My thoughts turn to the early 1900s when my first brethren came to
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Book Marked!
Written by family insider Jinder Oujla-Chalmers, this book is both a biography of Asa Singh Johal and his family and an in-de pth look at BC’s lumber industry. Asa Johal was a toddler when he immigrated to Canada with his Sikh family in 1924. Johal g
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Nanaimo Harbour Then and Now
Fujikazu “Frank” Koyama and his wife Taka lived beside their wharf on Stewart Avenue in Nanaimo and were respected members of the community. During the Second World War, the Koyamas were forcibly removed from the coast along with thousands of other J