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The next four articles come under the broad heading of computer audio, and they came together organically by turning up at the same time, rather than being an organised collection with a common theme.

There’s AudioQuest’s new DragonFly USB DAC, perhaps

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What To Look For In A Wireless Speaker
There’s always Bluetooth, but it’s often a lower-quality of streaming than you can achieve from other streaming connections like Chromecast or AirPlay. Some systems can also stream direct from the internet, as do Spotify Connect and the new Tidal Con
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audio-technica ATH-AWKT Kokutan
These are luxurious headphones indeed, and even their packaging proclaims their greatness. They arrive in a huge slip-cased box 39cm high, stylishly emblazoned with Japanese calligraphy and an anticipatory circle of woodgrain, this outer casing seemi
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Bose 700
For much of the last two decades, Bose’s QuietComfort noise-cancellers have set the benchmarks. But these 700s (their official unwieldy name is ‘Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700’) ditch the QuietComfort tag, inaugurating a new premium series alon