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ou’d think the non-intrusive quality of inscrutable concrete would be right up a frame’s alley. And it is—well, almost. “The frame was meant to be for a piece of art; so from that perspective, we decided to work with a neutral colour. Grey was the most efficient, and concrete is a nice neutral material,” says Nitin Barchha, one of the founders of product design studio Material Immaterial along with Disney Davis. The frame, in this case, in its role as second fiddle to art, clearly holds its own. “I liked the idea of a frame within a frame,” Barchha adds. The stepped design is a clear nod to the studio’s recent stepwell-inspired collection. And stoic

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Style Notes
Wooden houses are gradually gaining popularity in India. Especially in areas with infrastructure and accessibility challenges, a growing awareness of the relationship between human health, the environment and the economy has given rise to the concept
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When It Clicked
I spend a lot of time talking to photographers. Briefing them on the corners of a house they shouldn’t miss, on the temperament of the homeowner and why we commissioned them for a particular project. Calling in feedback on images while they’re shooti
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Bharat Sikka
I am a person who hates to be photographed but once, many years ago, Bharat shot me outside my home. He may have no recollection of it. But there I am, young, standing with my hands folded against my chest, and in the background are electricity wires