A friend in deed

“Technology is not meant for a particular gender. It is impacting all of us, and everyone should be involved in creating it.”

It’s nearly been a year since Noida-based

Ananya Grover lost her grandfather, but she will never forget how he lovingly called her “butterfly” in a sing song tone. “It’s one memory of his I will hold on to

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Cyber Stalking – Do’s And Don’ts
The word "stalking" means "pursue or approach stealthily". It is a very serious issue that most of the younger generations are facing. The technology provides various ways to perform stalking and allow stalkers to harass their target from any part of
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Love And Equality
What: Pride Collection by Senco Gold and Diamonds What we liked: Senco Gold and Diamonds was founded in 1938 by late Sri MC Sen and is one of the oldest jewellery organizations in India today. The recently launched Pride Collection by Senco is a rang
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Colour Me Pretty
There’s a reason why tie-dye kits are under the bestseller section on popular e-commerce platforms during this lockdown. It is totally beating all the other DIY activities/games, and why not, since which other task will upgrade your boring old sweat