Take a breather amidst the commotion of your wedding celebrations with the Jacob’s Creek delightful duo, the Sparkling Chardonnay-Pinot Noir and the Sparkling Rosé.

Cold feet, pre-wedding jitters, bridal nerves - weddings, the ultimate celebration

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Editor’s Letter
As you read this, Condé Nast India is gearing up for its debut Netflix outing. Releasing on Valentine’s Day, The Big Day is a six-part series that spotlights diverse couples and the day they began to plan their future together. A publishing house pro
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Stronger Together
A freak rail accident in 2011 that led to an amputated leg did not stop Arunima Sinha from scaling Mount Everest two years later. Her Padmashri came in 2015. Sinha, 32, met Gaurav Singh at a para-sporting event in 2018. He was the go-to guy for all o
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In Love And War
One of history’s cruellest and darkest periods, World War II, birthed a love that transcended faith and country. My grandparents taught me that true love cannot be dictated by religion or culture. Or by boundaries or barriers, whether internal or ext