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Painting Compulsion

Johannesburg in South Africa was my birthplace. I now live at Heidelberg in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and I paint full-time.

I attended Rhodes University at Grahamstown, to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, tutored by Professors Brian Bradshaw and Robert Brook. Subsequently I completed two courses in Ceramic Sculpture with Charles Gotthard; four years of ‘unlearning’ technical illustration habits with Wendy Martell; and a Stained Glass Techniques course with Marise Mill.

Becoming one with the sea or the mountains or fields is what I am passionate about when painting … being in ‘the zone’.

I’ve scribbled, drawn and painted ever since I can remember, something I realised when I

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Honest Art
From a very early age I’ve been into drawing, painting and making things. I seemed to find interest in things wherever I went. I once melted down the lead from a broken stained glass window. I carved a small block of wood with a heart shape in the ce
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Multi-Talented Mosaicist
My life began in Helsinki, Finland, in January 1957. I came to Australia with my parents in 1959, at the tender age of two. We travelled on board an Italian ship called ‘The Aurelia’. We stayed in migrant hostels in Melbourne, Bonegila (outside Albur
Artist's Palette4 min citite
A Musical Abstraction
• Music on CD.• Sketch book; butchers’ paper; 2B and 6B pencils.• Good quality canvas – hand framed.• 4cm flat brush.• Pigmented light gesso base.• White charcoal.• Reeves Acrylic paint: Paynes Grey; Violet; Cerulean Blue; Burnt Sienna; Burnt Umber;