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elow are seven messages—pithy sayings, fascinating facts, and a cartoon gag—that have been translated into simple cipher alphabets. Letter substitutions remain constant throughout any one cipher, but change from one cipher to the next; the level of difficulty increases as you

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Hot Stuff
Here’s a quiz that answers some burning questions. The answer to each clue below is a word, phrase, or title containing the word FIRE. For example, the clue “Computer security measure” would lead to the answer FIREWALL, while “1985 Brat Pack movie” w
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Helter-Skelter is a crossword variation in which the answers interlock in any of eight different directions. To solve, write the answer to each clue starting in its numbered square and proceed in a straight line toward—and if necessary, beyond—the ne
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Double trouble
In this puzzle, all of the answers are the first (or last) halves of a word or phrase made up of two identical syllables or words. For example, “Sweet treat” would be BONBON, so you would enter BON in the grid. Proper nouns are allowed. Once you dete