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ONCE UPON A TIME, the level of interest among most cannabis users into the scientific and chemical properties of their weed purchases began and ended with one question: “How strong is it?”

Maybe our dealer could tell us what region it came from, such as Humboldt County, California. Maybe it really did or maybe it really didn’t. Who knew for sure?

How times have changed.

Legalization has brought California’s cannabis industry into the light after seven decades in the shadows. And the spotlight has revealed some disturbing things about the cannabis we consume: pesticides, mold and other chemicals that could be playing a role in the recent spate of vaping-related illnesses.

State regulations and new testing technologies have helped to ensure that cannabis bought legally is much safer these days, but a thriving black market continues to flourish, with flower, extracts and vape products that undergo no testing. An analysis conducted last year by California cannabis sellers estimated that

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