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… Take a brief reprieve through a classic form made fresh?

It’s easy to attribute the appeal of a short story to our ever-waning attention spans, or the lack of free time to consume anything longer than a couple of thousand words. But moral panic aside,

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Facing The Facts
Harper’s BAZAAR: What is the first point you would like to make about COVID-19? ILMA KHAN: “How serious it is to be on a ventilator. It is not just like a normal oxygen mask to help with breathing. Being intubated means you undergo a general anaesth
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Gold Standard
Using the letters of the LV monogram as architectural building blocks, Francesca Amfitheatrof, Louis Vuitton’s artistic director of watches and jewellery, has created a range that captures the brand’s modern, innovative spirit. Designed to illustrate
Harper's Bazaar Australia1 min citite
Booked In
Author and former artistic director of several major literary festivals (including Sydney Writers’ Festival) Caro Llewellyn has launched a virtual-book-club-cum-online-literary-festival called Together — Remotely.“There’s never been a more urgent nee