How It Works


Jo Elphick

Jo is an academic lawyer and lecturer specialising in criminal law and forensics. She is also

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How It Works1 min citite
Plague Of Mice Ravages Eastern Australia
Mice in the cabinets. Mice in the streets. Thousands upon thousands of mice in the barn, pooping so much it takes six hours to clean up their waste. These are scenes from Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, where an out-of-control mouse infest
How It Works1 min cititeAstronomy & Space Sciences
NASA’s Rocket Hub
The Saturn V rocket was built with the intention of sending humans to the Moon, and became successful in doing so when launching several of the historic Apollo missions into space. At 111 metres tall, it set a record at the time for being the largest
How It Works1 min cititeBiology
Metabolism In Action
There is little glycogen stored in the brain. In times when glycogen is in short supply, cells in the brain can use molecules called ketone bodies, which come from fatty acids, as an energy source. In the kidneys a process called gluconeogenesis occu