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The greater good

Mark Simmonds’ life was mapped out from the very beginning: go to university, climb the corporate ladder, marry and have children.

But life isn’t so

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Health News
Eye strain and fatigue is becoming increasingly problematic – 47% of employees are working remotely, so we can’t turn a blind eye to the impact of staring at screens. That’s why Phoebe Greenacre, a holistic therapist, yoga, and meditation teacher has
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Star In The Sky
Dear Mum, Do you remember on Christmas Eve when we all used to watch films together? You always bought me and my big sister, Kelly, now 43, new pyjamas to wear and fresh bedding to go to sleep in. Christmas was one of your favourite times of the year
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YOUR Quiz-mas!
1 When do you start decorating for Christmas? a I start some time during the first couple of weeks of December. b Without a doubt, on the 1st of December. c They usually start appearing around the house in November. d A week or so before Christmas Da