Linux Format


“ Linux beginners and seasoned users alike oftentimes run into difficulties with home directories. Maybe simple permissions artefacts from

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Linux Format2 min cititeComputers
Unity Engine is the leading engine within some exciting fields other than gaming, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. It’s also used for design and visualisation type jobs within the film making, automotive and architectural industries. Th
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Get Your Python Game On
Pygame is a Python extension library that adds functionality on top of the SDL library. Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform development library designed to provide low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, and grap
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Coding Arm 64-bit Assembly Language
Last month we used assembly language to directly access the Raspberry Pi’s Linux kernel services. In this issue’s concluding instalment we’re going to use the C run-time library, glibc, instead of calling the kernel services directly. The glibc funct