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ack for 2020 more Python and as you might guess, this event takes place in London at Bloomberg’s European HQ.

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All Your Database Are Belong To Us
At the risk of overextending an already slightly dubious metaphor, Kubernetes (k8s) is fast becoming the operating system of the cloud. But how did we get to this point? And how do complicated projects migrate to it? We were lucky enough to chat to P
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On The Disc
MIN SPECS: 2GB RAM, 20GB DISK Mageia’s roots go way back to Mandrake and Connectiva in the late 90s, which merged to become Mandriva in the 2000s, which Mageia became a fork of in 2010. If you remember any of Mageia’s pioneering predecessors, you’ll
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Bye bye Python 2
The Fedora distro’s goal of moving from Python 2 to Python 3 is getting tantalisingly close, with the Python 2 Dropping Database ( noting that 99 per cent of Python packages in Fedora Rawhide are now using Python 3. With Pyth