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Practical Photoshop2 min cititeScience & Mathematics
Paint Drops
A small fish tank like this is ideal, but any plastic or glass container will work. Ensure the glass is as clean as possible before you start filling the tank with water. You’ll need to refresh the water after every few shots, so this project is best
Practical Photoshop2 min cititeComputers
The Image-editing Workflow
The image-editing process begins as soon as you’ve transferred your photos from your memory card to your computer. 1 The first stage is to begin sifting through your pictures to discover which are the keepers. The image organizer that comes with Phot
Practical Photoshop1 min citite
Liquid Motion
Here we’ll look at how to craft a colorful dancer image from a series of photos of paint. This involves both shooting skills and Photoshop techniques. First, we’ll get set up to shoot vibrant photos of paint by capturing the colors as they travel thr