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Tome poems

handsome hardback volume of nearly 800 pages, comprises the collected poems and related prose of Denys Trussell. It gathers together 45 years of the poet’s writing from 1973 to 2018, more or less in order of publication, but with short poems presented before long poems. Noted as both an environmentalist

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Confessions Of A Fatkins Foodie
By the time you read this, we should finally have finished our Christmas ham. We assaulted the northwest face of the thing on the day and, thereafter, struck out for the summit of Mt Ham most other days, only to return to base camp each night complet
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IT’S A SIN (TVNZ OnDemand). Best known as the man who revived Doctor Who in the noughties, screenwriter Russell T Davies returns to his other speciality – gay-themed drama with a human touch. It’s a Sin is set among a group of young men, mostly new a
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A Brighter Shade Of Blue
Brighter than Blue is an elegant new CD perfect for summertime listening. Guitarist Matthew Marshall features chamber music with guitar by three New Zealand composers, the album’s title referring to a line in Alistair Campbell’s poem The Fall: “I had