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Great Strides
In 1943, Dorothy Tangney and Dame Enid Lyons were the first women elected to parliament. In 2021, Labor MPs Anika Wells, Kate Thwaites and Alicia Payne (plus their babies) re-created a signficant photo. PETER BREW-BEVAN. AUSTRALIAN WAR MEMORIAL. FAI
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Scents To Try
A juicy floral with yellow hibiscus and sweet rose. Jo Malone Blossom Yellow Hibiscus Cologne, $240 (100ml). A warm blend of cedar and tonka bean, with sweet jasmine and magnolia. Diptyque Orphéon, $243 (75ml). A spicy, gender-neutral blend of bl
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Great Scott!
ThismonthI… performed in the nude! When I say nude, I wore my nude suit – a flesh-coloured leotard (no arms or legs) with the nipples, pubic hair and bum crack drawn in on Texta. And, yes, I do know pubic hair is unfashionable – don’t judge me, it’s