Sporting Rifle


Tell us more about the decision to postpone IWA OutdoorClassics 2020?

Rebecca Schönfelder: Because coronavirus is continuing to spread, we held in-depth talks with exhibitors and industry representatives to examine the potential repercussions of this global situation on IWA OutdoorClassics 2020.

Petra Wolf: Based on this feedback and considering the risk assessment principles for major events set down by the German Government’s crisis management group,

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Over the past few decades, stalking and fox control have been two tremendous growth areas in fieldsports in the UK, and I am really excited that incorporating Sporting Riffle into Shooting Times will allow me to grow and improve the magazine I love.
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The Buyer’s Guide
The Blaser R8 Ultimate’s two-piece stock ensures a relaxed shooting position and optimal control of the rifle. Available with black elastomer, impregnated leather inlays and an integrated moderator. Price: From £3,750 Blaser ■ 01483 917412 blaser-gro
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Return Of The Buck
Many people ask what species makes for a really enjoyable hunt. There are so many that could top the list but one of the best has to be hunting roebucks in the spring and early summer. It’s the time of the year when every part of the countryside is f