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ive blush pink a smart makeover from ‘girly’ to modern with contrasting darker shades of navy and emerald green, alongside crisp bursts of geo patterns. Pick bedding that showcases simple geometric prints ’ try find reversible designs, which are great as they allow you to change the look to suit your

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Feature Xolani Gumede Photography SuppliedProducts and prices checked at time of going to print ■
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The picture that MEANS SO MUCH
After Nicola Owst rescued a pup in need, she realised her new best friend had saved her, too From the moment that I met Buddy, there was no doubt in my mind I’d do everything I could for him. I gave him love and a safe home, and today I can’t imag
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Ditch The Guilt For Good
An incredible 96% of women have revealed they find something to feel guilty about at least once a day. ‘Guilt is a symptom of living a complicated life, not a symptom of being a bad person,’ explains psychologist Professor Windy Dryden. ‘Guilt itself