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The Motorola Razr is a cutting-edge, foldable phone that’s also a throwback to one of the most iconic handset designs of all time: the original Razr V3 that launched in 2004… it’s the future wrapped in the past. We got a chance to test it, to see whether this synthesis is novel enough to be worth flipping out over.

We assumed that foldables would bridge the gap between phones and tablets by unfolding horizontally into a wider display. Motorola has other ideas, however, and its take flips open to reveal an elongated touchscreen that’s just a bit longer than the iPhone 11’s display.

So, no, you don’t get much more screen real estate. The novelty lies in what you can do when the phone is closed down to a pocket-friendly size, as there’s a smaller display on the outside for checking texts, calls, music, emails and such. Below that quick-look screen is the rear camera – which, when the Razr is closed becomes a selfie camera, with the small display showing what it’s looking at.

The interior display is a 21:9 OLED screen with a resolution of 876x2142. That’s cinematic-level widescreen, like those on Sony’s Xperia phones, but less sharp. Being so widescreen is a bit up and down if you want to use it to watch

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