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Sh * t we stole from the beauty closet this month


These new lip glosses come in 15 awesome shades. The formula provides the *perfect* colour and shine payoff without feeling heavy, sticky or just

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FOR THOSE TIMES WHEN YOU’RE LIKE, ‘I LOVE YOU, But You’re Annoying...’ Coupledom Can Be Hard!
What’s a non-lame V-Day gift? My partner and I are way past the lingerie and chocolate days... TBH, the fact that you still want to acknowledge this holiday the way Cupid intended is sweet enough. Personally, I think a card is plenty (and plenty eff
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Celebs You Didn’t Know Have South African Roots
Sasha’s family relocated from Jo’burg to the US when she was three years old. She managed to snag herself a modelling contract just a year later, and has been flourishing ever since. Her main claim to fame was her role in Pretty Little Liars. The Spu
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Try This At Home
Ships sitting in harbours emphasise stagnation, says Lohan. (It was, um, problematic that I had one hanging across from my bed.) Like actual lovebirds. ‘It could be two swans,’ explains Lohan. ‘Swans mate for life. It’s really just about thinking in