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Work really is worship

My working environment is non-Christian and I work very hard with long hours every day. After a few months, through the mighty and powerful work of the Holy Spirit, I started a prayer group at our workplace, but I have been doubting if this is the place where Jesus wants me to be. I prayed to God asking for direction. I believe that through reading Gillian Fraser’s article “Work Is Worship” in the January issue of JOY! Magazine, God has answered my prayer. Thank you.

De Wet De Kock

JOY creates a hunger in my soul

Blessings to the JOY! team. I love your amazing magazine. It is very enlightening. I thank you all – it inspires me to be a better Christian as I believe the Holy Spirit is in control of the entire magazine. I confess that I am lazy in reading my Bible, but I enjoy your articles as they help me to understand the Word better. They create a hunger in me for Godly

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