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After all these years, we are still not at the point where our PCs turn on instantaneously, or restore an active session in Windows. Waking from sleep or hibernation can take anywhere from a short while to what feels like an eternity, depending on the system. Part of the reason for this is

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PC Powerplay
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Build It Your Way
Welcome to a whole new year, and a whole new decade! As usual, we’re kicking off this trip around the sun with an in-depth technical handbook, packed with PC building advice, our favourite gear of 2019, and a few hints and tips to get you firmly grou
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Building Better Backups
Reinstalling is, or should be, a last resort – and if you ever come to the point where you absolutely have to reinstall Windows and don’t have copies of your files, it might be too late. A hardware failure, a cryptographic malware attack, whatever th