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A year in, it’s the athleticism of Apex Legends that elevates it above its FPS and battle royale peers. Apex contains a decathlon worth of verbs: crouch-slides, dropship nosedives, trampoline leaps, zipline ambushes. These moves

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Tyler: Control’s brand of weirdness is familiar – Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and George Saunders come to mind – and that’s Remedy’s thing: it never hides the influences of its metaphysical playgrounds. But it’d be unfair to call Control a pastiche ju
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Dram Breakthrough Puts Us One Step Closer To Instant-on Pcs
After all these years, we are still not at the point where our PCs turn on instantaneously, or restore an active session in Windows. Waking from sleep or hibernation can take anywhere from a short while to what feels like an eternity, depending on th
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Final Fantasy Xiv: Shadowbringers
Steven: I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Final Fantasy XIV is the best Final Fantasy game ever made. Though it’s an MMO, Square Enix has stuffed it full of the endearing characters and exciting fantasy worlds you’d find in any of the single-pla